HEALTHCHEK International

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Health – Promotion and Preventions
Healthchek conducts community outreach programmes, workshops through door to door education programmes to support and promote the prevention of communicable diseases, i.e. HIV/AIDS, TB, Immunisations, malaria, etc. Healthchek through health promotion work with partners to support clinic with strategic resources and other technology as need be...

Advocacy (Health)
Healthchek advocate on health related issues in the areas of environment, communicable diseases, provision of adequate and appropriate health technology in support of the marginalised in communities. This is through an efficient and effective research based on evidence from the community, and or the health system in which we seek to support with our partners, international organisations and donors

Capacity Building
Healthchek conduct accredited training with providers and Government institution to capacitate beneficiaries, both community members and our volunteers, Healthchek training of Healthchek care workers is done through field services in partnership with clinics, through projects and programmes. Healthchek conduct workshops and seminars for beneficiaries, conference with state institution and international organisation as part of Advocating change in behaviour, health related issues and in support of health policy for the benefit of the marginalised

Environmental Health
Healthchek seek to advocate and work towards the preventions of environmental pollution, poor sanitation, food security, waste management and waterborne disease at community level, the programme seeks to be the collective mouth piece for all Environmental health campaign in both peri-urban and rural areas

We conduct psycho- social support services to community members with support from the clinics, beneficiaries are given support at family level, one on one (individual) and group support and education, counselling to HIV/AIDS, and TB patients infected and affected, trauma, mental health and victims of accidents as well as other socio -economic support, while providing care and treatment support to the marginalised affected. Offer referral support system from a door to door engagement, with trained psychologist, Nurses, social workers and volunteers