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About Healthchek

We, the Directorate of HealthChek here set forth both, the belief as to the purpose for which the centre was established and the principles under which it operates. HEALTHCHEK is a non-Profit organization for prevention and promotion, research, advocacy, and training on health.
As a healthcare organization we believe that in order for the peoples of Africa to move forward economically and compete in the global economy then a culturally supportive and developed healthcare system is an absolute necessity.

It has since the year 2000 been offering other political –economic and socio-cultural development services to a cross section of African. This is without any discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex or national origin. Healthchek incorporation as an independent entity on NOVEMBER 2004, certification in APRIL 2005, has seen the growth of the organisation incorporation in South Africa and Zambia in 2007.

Healthchek International was founded by a team of Africans and Americans with experience in healthcare management in the public and private sector, Community development, project management and legal and human right issues, and financial reporting. Healthchek currently has its headquarters in Johannesburg; South Africa. Healthchek International delivers superior healthcare service that is culturally attuned to the people it knows best.